Project deliverables

WP1 - Management & Coordination of the Action

Quality Assurance, Risk Management & Progress Reporting Plan (Confidential)

Intermediate Project Progress Report (Confidential)

WP2 - Threat Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment

First responder use case analysis (Public)

Drone and drone detection technology analysis report (Public)

Terrorist UAV threat to public spaces analysis report (Public)

First responder agency briefing paper (Public)

WP3 - Counter-UAV Training & Strategy Development

Counter-UAV Training Framework (Confidential)

Counter-UAV Training Pilot Plan (Confidential)

Counter-UAV Train-the-Trainers Programme (Public)

DroneWISE Counter-UAV Training Handbook (Public)

DroneWISE Online Training Portal (Public)

Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy (Confidential)

WP4 - Counter-UAV Training Pilot Testing & Evaluation

Counter-UAV Pilot Localised Training Findings Report (Public)

Counter-UAV Pilot Train-the-Trainer Findings Report (Public)

DroneWISE Training Evaluation Report (Public)

WP5 - Communication, Dissemination &Exploitation
DroneWISE Website (Public)

DroneWISE contact database (Public)

DroneWISE Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (Public)

Counter-UAV & Terrorism DroneWISE Conference Exploitation Report (Public)

This project has received funding from the European Union's Internal Security Fund Call ISFP-2019-AG-PROTECT (Call for proposals on protection in the specific context of counterterrorism) under Grant Agreement no.952825.

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