DroneWISE on Virtual counter-UAS workshop with Member States organised by the European Commission

On Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, under the umbrella of the Unit D.2 Counter-Terrorism, DG for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission, a virtual workshop on innovative counter-UAS solutions and strategies was held.

Agenda was separated in two blocks, the first restricted to EU Member States and other European stakeholders, and the second open to invited international organisations and third countries.

Andrew Staniforth from SAHER together with project coordinator Holger Nitsch presented the learning thus far from the DroneWISE-project (protecting public spaces from terrorist attack by drone). Workshop was a whole day global event with excellent multi-agency attendance and has shown a lot of multi-disciplinary approaches to CUAS. Skyfall project, INTERPOL, NATO, EASA, EDA, CEPOL, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, EFUS, UNIDIR, UN Department of Operational Support, NATO Drone Single Local Air Picture, Norwegian National Police, Israeli National Security Council, UK Home Office, FBI and DHS (USA) shared knowledge, expertise and effective practices.