How to collaborate in the protection of public spaces

14th of January 2021 | Online meeting

Joint Webinar DroneWISE – Stepwise

14 January 2021 from 9.30 to 12.00

With enthusiasm, we would like to announce the first DroneWISE – STEPWISE joint webinar.

STEPWISE is an EU-funded project focused on the protection of public spaces and ‘soft targets’, such as public squares, open gathering areas, public events, transportation infrastructures, and other urban areas vulnerable to attacks. Using STEPWISE, security professionals will be able to visualise and assess vulnerabilities, various threat scenarios and situations. The project will deliver an innovative platform to support the cooperation, coordination and cross-sectoral preparedness of Law Enforcement Agencies and their partners (public and private) involved in the design and protection of public spaces.

DroneWISE is also an EU-Funded project which will develop a Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy for first responders, supported by Counter-UAV Command Training for all first-responder agencies, including tactical options and decision-making frameworks, underpinned by a Counter-UAV Command Training Handbook, all being made readily accessible via a Counter-UAV Online Training Portal.

We look forward to the e-meeting!

DroneWISE Consortium