RiniGARD as DroneWISE representative participated at SATIE Awareness Event

On November 17th, 2020, as a member of DroneWISE consortium, RiniGARD have had the honour to participate in the SATIE Awareness Event which took place online via Google meetings. The event was focused on SATIE project H2020 which is based around security of air transport infrastructure of Europe. Motivation of this project is to reduce the high cost of cyber-security breaches, and to shorten the time it takes to detect a malicious attack. The project consists of 18 partners from 10 different countries, with total costs of 9.89 million euros and is founded by the European Commission with 7.989 million euros. The main challenge of the project is to successfully correlate cyber and physical domains. The reason to do that would be to improve threat prevention, detection, response and mitigation in the airports while at the same time being able to guarantee the protection of the critical systems, sensitive data and the passengers.

Challenges presented by the project will be successfully accomplished in a way to execute all project goals which are:

  • To identify main areas of security improvements,
  • Improve risk assessment
  • Improve accident response and impact mitigation
  • Carry out operational demonstrations
  • Continuous improvement approach to dynamic airport security standards
  • Disseminate project results
  • Provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for airport security
  • Ensure privacy


The project plan shows that it should last 24 months (until June of 2021) and in the end the final product should be distributed to 3 different airport end-users. The way forward for SATIE project is to prepare for simulations and demonstrations, to collaborate with other security related projects and to provide all participants with an aftereffects presentation package.