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New EU project to tackle terrorist use of drones

We are delighted to announce the start of a ground-breaking project to protect public spaces from the terrorist use of drones.

Funded by the European Commission Internal Security Fund for Police, the 24-month DroneWISE project recognises that the terrorist adoption of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for targeting public spaces represents a significant vulnerability.

Former EU Security Commissioner Julian King has previously warned that drones could be used for acts of terrorism stating: “Drones are becoming more and more powerful and smarter which makes them more and more attractive for legitimate use, but also for hostile acts.”

In response to the terrorist threat from drones, our consortium have joined forces with leading first-responder practitioners, academic security professionals and private industry drone and drone detection partners from Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece. The consortium of partners will combine their expertise to deliver a series of practical end-user focused measures designed to amplify and augment the response to UAV terrorist attacks on public spaces.

Andrew Staniforth, Director at Saher(Europe)states: “Despite new laws and safety measures, the adoption of drones as a tactical attack planning option for terrorists to cause mass disruption, damage economic stability and threaten EU security remains a concern.”

DroneWISE will develop and deliver Counter-UAV Command Training for all first-responders, supported by a Counter-UAV Command Training Handbook providing authoritative guidance for first-responders.

Dave Fortune, Director at Saher (Europe) states: “The combination of DroneWISE measures will serve to significantly improve the coordinated emergency response to better protect public spaces from UAV terrorist attack. The DroneWISE project provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the expertise of Saher (Europe), and we are delighted to be collaborating with excellent partners in the security domain.”

For further information or to keep updated with project activities please contact us https://dronewise-project.eu/contact/